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I have loved art all my life. As a child (the youngest in a large Italian  family)  my sister, Margie,  would bring me home “How to Draw” books. I am self taught. In 2004 my art became intense after my mother passed away. In 2007 my dear brother passed suddenly and the memories of our childhood became so dear to me. I painted feverishly and  ended up with so much artwork in my studio I needed to sell it. Surprisingly to me it sold quickly. My customers inspired me on. I continued to study and paint. Part of my great love has been the old historic homes which I have enjoyed incorporating   into my autumn scenes. I am also a Radiologic Technologist so I have a great love for the human body and bones. Seeing the same patterns in the body as are in nature I began my Landscape Anatomy series and was delighted to be published for years on the cover of the ASRT magazine. Also I Love painting for medical facilities nationwide including the Pentagon. My love for blowing leaves and autumn winds, old homes and bones have kept me excited to put the colors on canvas.  I thank God for this gift because with it He has truly healed my soul in so many ways. On canvas the shadows of life make the light shine so much more intense. I am always here and always painting.

My website is auntlizzy.com where an art auction began my website to raise funds for my 5 year old nephew’s heart transplant. I still host the story of my nephew Leighton’s heart transplant on my website. He is  now 20 and is doing great. Please continue to support us with your prayers..

Artist History

* 2016 I was featured in the ASRT magazine “Scanner” for my Landscape Anatomy Series. Also the Radiology Department of the Pentagon has an original work of mine titled, “Vertebral Meadow” hanging  in their Radiology department along with several framed  prints of my work.

My Landscape Anatomy series hangs in hospitals and medical facilities nationwide including one of my favorites… Roseburg, Oregon.

*In 2008, 2011-2012, 2014-2015, 2018-2019 my Landscape Anatomy paintings were published  on the covers of the ASRT Magazine (American Society of Radiologic Technologists)and their Radiation Therapy magazine.

Currently, in 2020,  I have been working on my coworker’s/ Healthcare worker’s Covid Era Portraits which now have been published on the ASRT social media sites and the ARRS INPRATICE magazine.

*September 17th through October 22nd of 2010, my Halloween exhibit ran at the Tippecanoe Art Federation in Lafayette, Indiana.

*In 2009, I served on the design team and created artwork for Lafayette, Indiana’s new hospital, St. Elizabeth East.

*Also in 2009, I was honored to be Purdue University’s Artist for painting their dog statue Oliver. The dog statue now resides in Purdue’s School of Veterinary Medicine in honor of the school’s 50th anniversary.

*In 2008, 2011, 2016, 2017 and 2018 I was named one of the Lt. Governor’s Hoosier Women Artists.

*In October of 2005 we held an art auction for my five-year-old nephew’s heart transplant at Riley Children‘s Hospital. His name is Leighton and he’s doing great and can be followed up on my website at auntlizzy.com along with my artwork. Many artists were excited to be involved in the Art for a Heart auction, such as illustrator April Willy and also Thomas Kinkade. It is my most cherished accomplishment and Leighton has his heart.

Leighton’s update: He is 20 years old today and was told two years ago he was in rejection and needing a second heart transplant so he was put on the transplant list….. except he continued to improve.  We had even held another art auction for COTA funds for him. Leighton had people praying with him and today he has been told he is no longer rejecting his heart transplant from 2005  and is doing just fine! Thank you God!

*I complete an average of 20-30  paintings per year and have done hundreds of commission works. I love making my customers smile.

I have always loved to paint but began an intense passion for my art to lift my spirits after I lost my mother in 2004 and then my brother in 2007…. Intense pain pushed me deeper into my self finding comfort in my faith and the artwork God inspired in me.

Almost every day though, you will find me painting the thick trees of the Indiana forests or my memories of trick or treating from the 1965 era, something from which my customers will not release me. They are faithful to demonstrate their love for my Halloween Art and grand, old homes twelve months of the year.

I have moved this love of spooky, old houses to the fascination of painting the wonderful, old houses of my own home in the Wabash River Valley of Lafayette, Indiana.

I  do commissioned work. You are welcome to contact me. I strive to make happy customers.

Artist Statement

Painting for me is a distraction from the heartaches of this world yet deepens the color of every Autumn leaf and intensifies the light in a loved ones eyes. Paint on canvas makes the shadows of life a thing of beauty. God has given me this gift to heal my heart and I am thankful for it. I am always here and always painting.

10 thoughts on “About Lizzy

  1. Hi Lizzy,
    I admire your work so much! You really show the love of Halloween and revel in it’s spirit. I suspect I may not be able to afford your original work, so, do you sell Giclee’s of your Halloween art, or perhaps lithograghs? I would love the opportunity to hang your work in my Man cave. It would be an honor.
    By the way, I bought your book some time back. With the Halloween season coming soon, I wish I could have a piece of your work to inspire me while I work on my home haunt here in Santa Barbara.
    Please let me know if I can purchase your work. Thank you, muchly!!!

  2. Hi,
    Hope this message finds you well. I saw these creative works on your website and I will like you to get back with more details if they are still available for purchase.

    Brilliance and Sunset Birch

    I will appreciate an urgent reply.

    Best Regards,
    Connie Adamek.

  3. Blast from the past Liz our Friday night girl at McCray!!
    Wow look at you & I can say I knew you when. Truly wish I could reach you. We are having a McCray family reunion on the 8th. I have thought of you often over the years. Hope you & yours are well & happy. You must remember us Leann,Ruth, Barb, Pat, Rachel, Ted & me. The days of call are gone thank goodness.
    Thinking of you

  4. Liz our Friday night girl. I have often thought of you. Wish I’d reached you sooner we are having a McCray reunion. I can say I knew you when..
    Please contact me would love to hear from you!

    Laura Carteaux RT(R)

  5. Lizzy,
    I am the program director for Radiation Therapy at Bergen Community College. We recently built a new health professions building and I am interested in decorating my classroom with your artwork. For Radiation Therapy I am looking at Rays of Hope and Oak Chest CT or any other that would be applicable. Please let me know how I go about gaining information about your artwork. I tries e-bay and Zazzle with no success.
    Thank you,
    Carol Chovanec

  6. Hi Lizzy:

    How long does it take for you to paint a custom picture, if we provide a photo of the house, with a Halloween scene around it? If you could also provide estimates based on different sizes, that would be lovely! Thank you!

    1. Hello Linda. Thank you for asking. I also sent you an email so you can have my email address. It normally takes me about a month to complete a house portrait. Please see the page found on my websites home page titled “How To Buy Lizzys Art”. There you will find canvas sizes and Prices. Have a Happy Autumn. Message me anytime. Lizzy Rainey

    2. Hello Linda. Thank you for asking. I also sent you an email so you can have my email address. It normally takes me about a month to complete a house portrait. Please see the page found on my websites home titled “How To Buy Lizzys Art”. There you will find canvas sizes and Prices. Have a Happy Autumn. Message me anytime. Lizzy

  7. Hi Lizzy-Love “Mammo Shore” and would like to purchase poster or copy?I don’t see it on Zazzle.Is it available?Thank You Barbara MacDonaldR.T.(M)

    1. Please contact the ASRT for information on buying posters of my art. I sell original art on canvas … they usually have the information on prints. I hope they can help . Feel free to message me anytime . Thank you for enjoying my art!

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