“Autumn Bears”

“Autumn Bears” $350.00, 10x20x1.5 inch acrylic on canvas painting by artist Lizzy Rainey.
Author: Lizzy
I am a self-taught artist in beautiful Lafayette, Indiana. I paint nearly everyday and sell hundreds of commissioned pieces. I love painting Trick or Treat memories, home portraits and medical art. I also love making my customers smile. I am always here and always painting. Feel free to contact me.

2 thoughts on ““Autumn Bears”

  1. Lizzy, I just came across your “Sella Turcica Sunset” and reminded my daily of the 4 I have from you. Friends come in and always comment “Sunrise view of patella” “Ankle joint” “Shoulder Joint” but what’s that one? My logo! As of November I closed my business and Retired from doing X-rays. Getting around to cleaning my office out but couldn’t take them off the wall. My get you to do one or two more for me to give to the Grandchildren. I think they would love the Autumn Bears. Blessings to you!

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