Renal Cherry Tree

Medical Art 2018

I painted “Renal Cherry Tree”… (a similar version of the one published on the cover of the ASRT magazine) for a toddler in Texas waiting for a kidney transplant. Her Daddy will be donating. The surgery will be in a few weeks. They commissioned this painting as a remembrance of this journey. Pray for little Marina. The Dedication reads: “Renal Cherry Tree” Dedicated to Little Marina With Love from her Parents. By Lizzy Rainey 2018

Author: Lizzy
I am a self-taught artist in beautiful Lafayette, Indiana. I paint nearly everyday and sell hundreds of commissioned pieces. I love painting Trick or Treat memories, home portraits and medical art. I also love making my customers smile. I am always here and always painting. Feel free to contact me.

2 thoughts on “Renal Cherry Tree

  1. This is so amazing! I want it tattooed on my body. My mom is in end stage renal failure, and cherry blossoms have always represented my grandmother to me. Perfect.

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