February 26th – an online art auction to benefit COTA in honor of 17-year-old Leighton Akins for heart transplant expenses, raised $7000


The online art auction to benefit COTA for Leighton Akins to assist with heart transplant related expenses raised $7000 for 17 year old Leighton.
The auction ran February 26th to March 8th.
This will be Leighton’s second heart transplant. He had his first heart transplant at 5 years old in 2005.
Leighton has lived well and with God’s help, and the compassion of friends and family, we want that to continue.
A New Heart. A New Hope.


The art auction featured many professional and non professional artists.
Some of the artists included were;
1. Lizzy Rainey (Acrylic on canvas paintings)
2. Rena Brouwer (Watercolor)
3, April Willy (Oil on canvas)
4. Dan Annarino (Oil on canvas)
5. Stephanie Riker (Acrylic on canvas)
6. Lea Foster (Photography prints)
7. Alice Harpel (Acrylic on canvas)
8. Angel Culpepper (Acrylic on canvas)
9. Anna Gibson (Photography prints)
10. Christen Chipps (Acrylic on canvas)
11. Chet Atchison (Leather)
12. Sarah Rainey (Acrylic)
13. Crystal Ensz (Acrylic on canvas)
14. Debbie Ritter (Character scene wood doll)
15. Fred Clark (Oil on Canvas)
16. John Miretti (Glass Window)
17. John Uzelac (Photography prints)
18. John Dominic Uzelac (Watercolor and ink)
19. Mark D. Pilla (Acrylic on canvas)
20. Sherry Uzelac (Acrylic on canvas)
21. Paula Galloway (Acrylic on Canvas)
22. Shawn Riggle (painting)
23. Richard Lehman  (Clay piece)
24. Angela Taylor (Clay piece)
 25. and a special item from Pat Kinkade  for Kinkade collectors.
26. Judith Kornafel
Please feel free to add a comment below if you are planning to visit the auction
Author: Lizzy
I am a self-taught artist in beautiful Lafayette, Indiana. I paint nearly everyday and sell hundreds of commissioned pieces. I love painting Trick or Treat memories, home portraits and medical art. I also love making my customers smile. I am always here and always painting. Feel free to contact me.

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