Imaging Center, Roseburg, Oregon

Landscape Anatomy ASRT Cover Art 2016

Cardiac Roots. Dedicated to the community of Roseburg. Our hearts are with you. by Lizzy Rainey 2015 (1073x1280)
“Cardiac Roots”
Donated in honor of the Roseburg Community.  Our Hearts remain with you. October 2015 
Author: Lizzy
I am a self-taught artist in beautiful Lafayette, Indiana. I paint nearly everyday and sell hundreds of commissioned pieces. I love painting Trick or Treat memories, home portraits and medical art. I also love making my customers smile. I am always here and always painting. Feel free to contact me.

4 thoughts on “Imaging Center, Roseburg, Oregon

  1. Love, love, love these! I saw them today when I went in for an appointment. I found your name on the painting and did a search. These are so beautiful and vibrant. They really touched me!!!

  2. I’ve been sick and very bored. Active in all outdoor activities my entire life in Oregons high cascade wildernesses. Took up painting, no talent but amazing images of colors from, vine maples, lakes, animals and mountains on and on. Was getting e-rays and blown away. You’re amazing. I see what I want to draw similar to you but no skills. Advice?

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