Three Witches Three Ghosts and a Black Cat 11×14

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  1. Debbie Dapson
    Debbie Dapson · June 24, 2016 at 14:22:15 ·

    May I use this painting as a cover image for a “Witches Ball” event page in Facebook if I link back to your site and give you credit?

    If not, I will not be offended but it’s perfect for our theme this year and I love your paintings! Please let me know one way or the other. I would be cropping it down to a 1:7 aspect ratio, so only getting the gist of it, but people will be able to see the whole thing on the page.

    Thank you for your consideration.


  2. Ava W Ellis
    Ava W Ellis · October 30, 2016 at 16:47:46 ·

    I love your Halloween images! Reminds me of trick-or-treat with my children back in the day! Thank you!

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