Trick or Treat Gallery

12x24x1.5 2019 Parade to the Party
Bobbys Moonlit Halloween July 31 2016
Bobbys Moonlit Halloween 18×36 2016 SOLD
We Were all out looking for Tricks or Treats Camera shot 8x16 2016 sold for $202
We Were all out looking for Tricks or Treats. 8×16 2016 sold

Copy of Reflections of Halloween 12x48x1.5 2010 TAF ExhibitJackies Moonlit Halloween 16x20 2015 (1024x823)MEMORIES of Halloweens Past completed 18x24 2015 (1024x768)Dance by the Light of the MoOn 12x24 2015 (1024x517)Moonlit Jolly Halloween 11x14 2015 - Copy (1024x795)cropped-Moonlit-Jolly-Halloween-11x14-2015-Copy-1024x795.jpgSpooky Disney Trick or Treat(1024x341)Princesses and Spooks on Al Hallows Eve 12x16 2014 (1280x964)The Old Manor Had a Greenish Glow This Trick or Treat 16x20 2014 (1023x1280)A Jolly Halloween 12x24 2014 (1280x623)Desiree's Trick or Treat Neighborhood August 7th 2014 (1280x1028)Past the Old Tower 12x24 2014 (634x1280)Trick or Treat in the Neighborhood 12x36 2014 (1280x422)Sallies Little Witch at the Toy Shop 2 16x20 2014 (2)This gallery contains images of memories of childhood Halloween, whimsical and not too spooky.

“We Told Him Not to be Afraid of the Zombie Queen” 12×24 2020 SOLD

10 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Gallery

  1. A quote from one of Lizzy’s cherished Halloween Art Collectors. Title:”Halloween on LeClerc Ave.”;
    “You captured a moment in time that no photograph ever could. I look at that painting everyday and I want to jump in it like Mary Poppins did in the movie. When I am having a bad day I can count on your artwork to take me away to a special time in our lives. I can still smell the candy, feel the crisp air, hear the laughter, see the leaves blowing and knowing that we are all 10 years old on that magical night!!!”
    Ben Palladino

    1. You have the most beautiful art I have ever seen!! I am super interested in buying a print! I also will be purchasing your Halloween book! You seriously captured the Halloween atmosphere in the most beautiful way

  2. I don’t know how I stumbled upon your site, but I’m delighted I did! 🙂 Such beautiful works!
    Thank you so much- I’ve just shared your Halloween Gallery on FB. Have a wonderful Autumn! 🙂

  3. Lizzy,

    Like Pam, I’m not sure how I found your site, maybe an ad. I’m sure glad I did. Your work is beautiful. You have been blessed with so much talent. I only dabble in crayons and stick people are my best work. You seem to share my love for Halloween.

  4. I own several of your Halloween and Winter pieces and love each one. I would be interested in purchasing additional canvases. How can I get information about when pieces become available?

    1. Hello and so nice to hear you’re enjoying my art!! I am truly honored! Everything featured on my website has been sold. I do paint original art commissions of similar scenes requested by my customers. Normally I post new paintings that are for sale on ebay. Often times I highlight the ebay link on this website. This year in 2021 I have been commissioned to paint a covid mural for a hospital so my autumn art will be on old for a few months. I will be painting autumn art again soon. Please feel free to keep an eye out here on my website for any ebay links and also on my Lizzy Rainey Facebook art page. Thankyou for coming back for more of my art! It is a delight to hear from you. Happy Autumn!!

    2. I’m not sure I ever messaged you back. But please feel free to keep an eye out for more works I will be selling soon. Thank you for enjoying my art!!

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