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: ASRT Cover Art, Pathology Art, and Pentagon Art

Golden maple Chole 2015 (788x1024)
“Golden Chole Maple” A representation of a Gallbladder exam portrayed as a Golden Maple Tree

Large Canvas Medical Art by Lizzy Rainey hung in the Roseburg, Oregon Medical Center. Some of Lizzy’s Landscape Anatomy series.

Cranial Coral 16x20x1.5 2015 Laura (1024x819)
“Cranial Coral” A colorful Undersea representation of the Cranial nerves with spectral imaging of the Brain.

“Cranial Coral Undersea MRI” 2019 ASRT Cover Art

Mri image of Brain Neurons

Radiation Therapy Spring 15 (769x1024)
“Light Rays of Hope” Radiation Therapy

Hi. I am artist Lizzy Rainey living in the beautiful Wabash River Valley. I have created these Landscape Anatomy paintings from my own experiences as a Radiologic Technologist and my love for the wondrously, intense colors God created in nature.
I have painted original Landscape Anatomy paintings for several of the ASRT Magazine covers. It has been a pleasure painting for the ASRT. I have also painted Landscape Anatomy Paintings for Doctors, Clinics, Technologists and Hospitals all over the Nation and would be happy to discuss painting one for you.
This year I am proud to say the PENTAGON will be decorating their radiology department with an ORIGINAL LIZZY LANDSCAPE ANATOMY PAINTING!! They also have decorated their walls with prints of my work. Please feel free to contact me through this website if you have any questions or comments. I am always here and always painting.

In 2018 I have entered these five Landscape Anatomy paintings featuring the Radiology Trees in the Agora Gallery Competition in New York City. Featured below are: #1. “Stormy Cerebral”: Brain angiogram. #2. “Old Oak Chest CT”: Cat Scan of the Lungs. #3. Biliary Branches”: Hepatic biliary duct angiogram. #4. “Cardiac Roots”: Heart Angiogram. #5. “Carpal River Stones”: Wrist Radiography


In 2016 I created four 3 foot by 4 foot ASRT Cover Art paintings for Mercy Outpatient Imaging Center in Roseburg, Oregon. It was a pleasure painting for them!

A Completed Rosburg Oregon Landscape Anatomy Set 2016 (1280x975)

“Vertebral Meadows” for the PENTAGON 24×36 2016

Vertebral Meadow unframed 24×36 2016 The Pentagon asked for a Landscape Anatomy painting using the entire Vertebral Column and a hint of Ribs. So this Green Vertebral Meadow was created just for them!

Artist Lizzy Rainey with her original Vetebral Meadow 10-2016

Vertebral Meadow Framed for the Pentagon Radiology Dept. 2016

Old Oak Chest CT 16x20x1.5 2013 May 2nd (1026x1280)
“Old Oak Chest CT”

Rotator Cuff Cliff 1 14x14x1.5 2016 (1280x1107)
New in 2016 “Rotater Cuff Cliff”

Golden maple Chole 2015 (788x1024)
“Golden Chole Maple”

Renal Cherry tree cover (772x1024)
“Renal Cherry Tree”

Radiation Therapy Spring 15 (769x1024)
“Light Rays of Hope”

Winters Carotids 1 (777x1024)
“Winter Carotids”

ASRT Metacarpal Birch Cover art 2014 (968x1280) (2)
“Metacarpal Birch”

September/October issue of the ASRT Magazine. "Stormy Cerebral" by Lizzy Rainey
“Stormy Cerebral”

Ask about having an original Old Oak Chest CT  or any of the cover art Landscape Anatomy Paintings you might like made for you.Anatomy Landscape series, “Vessel Trees”, 2014-2015 cover art.

Radiologic Technology is the official journal of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT). It publishes peer-reviewed articles as well as directed reading articles for x-ray professionals and scholars.



The art of Lizzy Rainey R.T. (R) was featured on the cover of Radiologic Technology. Lizzy’s paintings were featured on the covers from September 2011 through August 2012.

  • September|October 2011 – Carpal Riverstones
  • November|December 2011 – Foot of a Moonlit Mountain
  • January|February 2012 – Cardiac Roots
  • March|April 2012 – Renal Lilypads
  • May|June 2012 – Shoulder Boulder
  • July|August 2012 – Sunrise Patella
  • Also throughout 2014 and 2015

Inquiries about Purchasing Prints of ASRT Cover Art

There have been some inquiries about purchasing prints or the original paintings. The ASRT has made prints available on Zazzle under the search Lizzy X-Ray Posters & Prints.

Inquiries about Anatomy Landscape Art

Lizzy can paint an original acrylic on canvas painting for you similar to any of the Landscape Anatomy Art seen on this site.  She enjoys creating personalized landscapes that reflect the anatomy representative of specific medical disciplines. She has created works of original art for doctors and clinics nationwide. Some of these paintings have been included in this gallery.
You are welcome to ask Lizzy about having one of her works custom-made for you.

Gallery of ASRT Cover Art

 New! SHOULDER MRI Titled, “Rotator Cuff Cliff”  2016

Rotator Cuff Cliff 1 14x14x1.5 2016 (1280x1107) image1 - Copy

 thumbnail_fullsizerender-8 thumbnail_img_5536 thumbnail_fullsizerender thumbnail_fullsizerender-7

Lizzy is an experienced x-ray technologist and is a member of ASRT, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists. She subscribes to their medical journal, Radiologic Technology  and has painted for their Covers for several years. Recently Lizzy has also been published in the book, “The Healing Art of Pathology” 2016.

Please feel free to contact Lizzy through this website if you would like Artwork for your Medical Facility.

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  1. I would like to know the actual size of the artwork on the posters sold on Zazzle. The poster is 16×20 but the size of the artwork is not listed.

    1. Thank you for enjoying my artwork. Though I am the original artist of the anatomy Landscapes it is the ASRT that is selling the posters so I do not have any information on them. Please contact the ASRT and ask them about the Lizzy Art Posters on Zazzle. I hope they respond to you soon. If they do not I will try and help you reach them. Thank you again and if you are ever interested in having an original painting done I would be happy to help you with that.. Lizzy

  2. I love your ASRT artwork. There are so many that I want, but poster size is way too big. Is it possible able to get 8×10 prints?


    1. If
      You’re looking for my medical xray prints the ASRT sells my art under ASRT Lizzy xray art prints. If you’re looking for my Halloween or autumn art then you are welcome to email me at mylizard at hotmail Thank you for enjoying my art

  3. Hi,

    I would very much like to see your artwork, and perhaps buy one of your pieces? I’m at Francisian Hospital right now and saw “Autumn Light on the Wabash” …. Beautiful piece‼️

    Just FYI, I had emergency brain surgery about 8 yrs ago (left frontal lobe) and a few months ago I had a mastectomy (right side), so of course I have a particular interest in just paintings.

    Thank you,

    Paula Wehmeyer

    1. I’m so sorry you have been through so much. Thank you for enjoying my artwork at Franciscan. I hope it brought some peaceful thoughts. Most of my pieces have been sold. I may have a few pieces for sale soon, but mostly I take commissions and paint what my customers request. May God bless you and please feel free to email me anytime. Artist Lizzy

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