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I have loved art all my life. As a child (the youngest in a large Italian family)  my sister, Margie,  would bring me home “How to Draw” books. I am self taught. In 2004 my art became intense after my mother passed away. In 2007 my dear brother passed suddenly and the memories of our childhood became so dear to me…. especially the very few photos I had which were of us Trick or treating. I painted feverishly and  ended up with so much artwork in my studio I needed to sell it. Surprisingly to me it sold quickly. My customers inspired me on. I continued to study and paint. Part of my great love has been the old historic homes which I have enjoyed incorporating   into my autumn scenes. I am also a Radiologic Technologist so I have a great love for the human body and bones. Seeing the same patterns in the body as are in nature I began my Landscape Anatomy series and was delighted to be published for years on the cover of the ASRT magazine. Also I Love painting for medical facilities nationwide including the Pentagon. My love for blowing leaves and autumn winds, old homes and bones have kept me excited to put the colors on canvas.  I thank God for this gift because with it He has truly healed my soul in so many ways. On canvas the shadows of life make the light shine so much more intense. I am always here and always painting. I would love to hear from you. 

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I’m Lizzy Rainey, an artist located in beautiful Lafayette, Indiana's Wabash River Valley. Welcome to my website. I am so happy to share my art with you. Please enjoy viewing my Trick or Treat Gallery. This enchanting gallery features my trick or treaters and real life, old, historic homes. Ask for your home or children to be painted into a Trick or Treat scene. Also take time to see my Medical Art Gallery hosting my ASRT publications and Landscape Anatomy work. It is my honor to have my Landscape Anatomy works hanging in the Pentagon. This year in 2020 I have been inspired to paint the Portraits of my Medical X-ray coworkers as they fight the battle on the Covid-19 virus. These will also be published by the ASRT . Feel free to message me if you would like an original painting on canvas. If you would like prints of the ASRT Medical art please contact the ASRT and ask about the art of Lizzy Rainey. I would love to paint for you. I am always here and always painting. I thank God for this gift and the strength to keep going. Lizzy

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